Green Lumber Green Lumber

If you are a good woodworker you will probably want, at some point, to try to cure your own green lumber. Although it takes years to be able to cure the green lumber, it will turn into top quality woodwork when you are finished with it. Here’s how you would go about curing it.

  • You will want to have a dry location in a garage or storage shed so that the green lumber can dry out over the next year or two.
  • The area that the lumber is stored in should have circulating air. This is what will help cure the wood over time
  • Place 2 or 3 pieces of dunnage between each board to help speed up the process and avoid wood warping.
  • Every once in a while you should check the wood with a moisture meter. You are aiming to get it right around 7% moisture content.

Tips for Curing Green Wood

• If you have a wood kiln or have access to one you can drastically speed up the curing process for your green wood.
• Once you have cured the wood you want to leave it in the area where you will be working on it. This will ensure that all the wood has the same moisture content.

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