Green Nursery Ideas: Cloth and Wood Toys for Your Child

Buying natural toys for a green nursery has become a popular norm among parents. These toys, which are usually made from cloth and wood, are not only environment friendly but also safe and educational for your little one. It is no wonder that more and more parents are opting to buy these kinds of toys over those that are modern or battery-operated. Here are some examples of wooden and cloth toys that you would want your beloved baby to have. 

Organic Cotton Stuffed Toys

It can be anything from a bear, tiger, lion, or a princess, cowboy, or cartoon character. Whatever character or animal you choose to buy for your kid, if it is made of organic cotton, you can be assured that he or she will be in safe hands while playing with it. The great thing about organic cotton stuffed toys is that they stimulate your kid's creative imagination. Toddlers would not only play with the stuffed toys but also talk to them and use them for pretend plays. The creative imagination is not the only thing that these toys can hone but also communication, interaction, language, and social skills. 

Cloth Books

Books are beneficial for so many reasons, as they teach your kid a wide variety of valuable lessons. Books also introduce kids to the world by showing them things that they don't know about yet. For infants, ideal cloth books would be those that have big pictures, bright colors, and varied textures. For toddlers, you can give cloth books that teach about ABC and 123. Cloth books are also wonderful in the sense that they are washable and easy to clean. Not to mention, they cannot be easily destroyed unlike regular books. 

Wooden Building Blocks

Building blocks can teach your kid a lot of skills. These toys can enhance his cognitive and problem solving skills and at the same time, improve his fine motor skills. Apart from all these, building blocks also hone the imagination, just like any construction toys. Moreover, the wood is an organic material so you know that you're not harming the environment by buying these toys for your little one. 

Wooden Puzzles

Like the previously mentioned toys, wooden puzzles are also overflowing with educational benefits. Wooden puzzles help develop a kid's vocabulary, increase muscle development, hone fine motor skills, improve hand to eye coordination, sharpen memory, build spatial perception, and enhance problem solving skills. If you're going to buy wooden puzzles for your kid, make sure to choose those that are age-appropriate. For a toddler, simple puzzles with 5-10 pieces are a good way to start. As your child progresses, you can move on to more puzzle pieces. See to it that you guide your child through every progression. Go for wooden puzzles with clear pictures that are easy to recognize. Don't buy any that contains toxic paint or materials.