Green Patio Ideas in a Urban Setting Green Patio Ideas in a Urban Setting

Even if you live in a big city or metropolitan area, you can still do your part and be environmentally responsible by implementing some smart patio ideas to make your small outdoor space a green haven in which you can be proud. Green areas in urban settings are not easy to find and this is sad because big cities are where they are needed most. So, with that in mind, here are some ideas to make your patio more environmentally friendly.

Create an Oxygen Factory

One of the best things you can to do help the environment is to plant flowers and trees. So, create a green patio by placing small trees and flowers on your patio, the more, the better. Plants and trees produce oxygen. In an urban area, fresh air is often considered a luxury. So, you can do your part to help by using your patio to help combat air pollution and make the air in your area more breathable.

Selecting Green Patio Furniture

Green living is not only about combating carbon based emissions and pollution, it is also about saving our planet's precious non-renewable resources or ones that take many years to develop. Wood patio furniture is popular all over, but most trees used to harvest the lumber used in the making of wood furniture take many years to grow. In some cases, hardwood producing trees can take as long as 20,30 or even 40 years to mature. So, for every wood patio furniture set that is sold, a tree that cannot be replaced for many years just disappears.

On the other hand, woods like bamboo and wicker can be grown very quickly. While many trees used to produce patio furniture take many years to grow, bamboo and wicker can be grown in only a few months. This makes them a much better choice for patio furniture as they are a renewable source of wood. Bamboo and wicker can be used to create beautiful, green furniture pieces.

Put Your Urban Patio to Work

Regardless of where we live, most people enjoy a peaceful and relaxing patio. However, when you live in an urban area, you probably don't use your patio as much as you would like. If this sounds like you, then you know that most of the time your patio is just sitting there waiting for someone to come out and sit down or enjoy the fresh air and smells produced by the flowers and plants.

So, what can you do to keep your urban patio occupied? Put it to work. Instead of wasting energy using a clothes dryer, create a small clothesline on your patio. A patio clothesline not only saves you money, but the outdoor air will leave your clothing with a clean, fresh scent that only a clothesline can provide.

You can also create a simple box-garden on your patio that you can use to grow some of your favorite vegetables. Many types of vegetables grow well in box-gardens and also add a special touch of color and functionality to a patio.





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