Greenhouse Maintenance Instructions

A greenhouse provides a location to flowers, herbs and vegetables all year long. To get the most out of your greenhouse, make sure that is properly maintained throughout the year. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you clean and maintain your greenhouse.

Step 1 - Keep It Clean

It is not enough to keep the greenhouse neat and tidy. You must regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces. Use a bio-friendly soap and warm water to clean the floor and counters. To control insects and other pests, fumigate the greenhouse at least once a year—or twice, if possible.

Step 2 - Check Seals in Windows and Doors

Frequently check the seals in all windows and doors to make sure they are airtight. This will also help prevent small insects and pests from using any cracks and gaps in seals to enter your greenhouse and possibly destroy your plants and vegetables.

Step 3 - Check the Ventilation System

If you have a ventilation system installed in your greenhouse (and you should), make sure that it is working properly. You may need to occasionally oil shutters and louvers to make sure they can open and close freely and smoothly without friction or obstruction.

Step 4 -  Inspect Water Tank and Irrigation System

If you have some type of watering system installed, make sure to inspect the connected lines and hoses at least every 2 or 3 months. These types of systems frequently develop cracks in hoses or become clogged with bits of soil that seep into the hoses.

Flush out the hoses periodically by removing the end caps and running the water at full pressure. Keep in mind that you may need to remove the lines and emitters from the soil before flushing them out in order to avoid soaking your plants and vegetables.

Step 5 - Inspect Door Hinges and Locks

Occasionally inspect hinges on doors and as well as locks on the doors. Because of the moisture and humidity in some greenhouses, metal door hinges may rust or corrode. The sameis true of cylinders and padlocks. Apply oil or another lubricating solvent such as WD-40 to make sure that these metal parts remain rust-free and function properly.

Properly maintaining your greenhouse will allow you to enjoy your plants and vegetables year-round for many years to come. Cleaning and care will improve the quality of your plants and vegetables, result in reduced insect and pest infestations and provide a more enjoyable gardening experience.