Grey Water Recycle Basics Grey Water Recycle Basics

The water coming out of your sink, washing machine and shower is known as grey water. It is a household waste water that can be recycled for various purposes such as watering your lawn or washing your car, but not ingested. Grey water gained popularity due to the practical benefits that it offers.


Grey water recycling is a practical method of saving waste water and turning it into usable water. You can use this water to wash your car and for irrigation, landscaping and various outdoor use. Watering your lawn with recycled grey water is advantageous since it is known to add nutrients to the soil.

Grey water recycling reduces your water consumptions by as much as 40 percent. It also reduces your septic and sewage space requirements.  Grey water recycling is also a great way of doing your part in conserving our water resources.


Recycling grey water can be as simple as putting buckets in your shower to installing various filtration system that diverts water to a safe holding tank ready for future use. Recycling can also be done in large scale using water recycling systems on colleges, hotels, resorts and apartments.

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