Grout Colorant Application Suggestions Grout Colorant Application Suggestions

Adding grout colorant to your project is an easy way to make a unique style and look in any area of your home or business. There are two basic ways in which this can be done. Paint can be added directly to the grout before mixing, or a colorant can be painted along the grout lines.

Mixing Grout Colorant

The best way to obtain the perfect color is to add it in as the grout is being mixed, before it is installed. Remember to stop mixing as soon as the grout mixture begins to crumble. Add the color of your choice and then continue mixing until the grout is colored uniformly and is at the proper consistency. If you need to darken or lighten the color, do so by adding some more of the same colored paint, or by adding a little white.

Painting Grout Colorant

If the grout has already been installed, the grout colorant will have to be painted on with a brush. When doing this, be sure to clean the lines completely and use a sealant stripper before painting if a sealant has been applied. When actually painting the colorant, be sure to cover the entire line, from one edge of the tile to another. If the colorant happens to spill over onto the tiles, wipe it up before it dries so that it comes off easily. Take your time and apply the colorant one section at a time.

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