Grout Repair for Stains Grout Repair for Stains

When maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal of your flooring, you may need to perform grout repair from time to time. Grout is susceptible to spills and stains, and leaving these flaws to sit on the grout for any length of time can lead to the eventual ruin of your tile floor’s beauty. When stains have become extremely tough to remove, you may be left with no other choice but to remove the stained grout and replace it. To avoid completely replacing your grout, performing grout repair once in a while is your best option.

Clean the Grout

Cleaning the grout is the first step in performing grout repairs. You may have to scrub into the grout lines to take away all dirt and grime that has wedged itself into the grout surface. You may use a special grout cleaner to soften the dirt before scrubbing, or you can make your own solution out of water and baking soda. A mild house cleanser may also be used. Remember to rinse completely with clean water afterwards.

Never use abrasive and heavy cleaning solutions when performing grout repair. Heavy cleaners can result to damage, not only in your grout, but also your tile.

Apply Grout Colorant

Sometimes, regular cleaning of the grout can fade its color and make it look dull.  To make your grout look brand new again, you can purchase grout colorant and apply liberally to the grout, but only the grout. Don't stain the tile at the same time.

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