Grow Japanese Spurge Ground Cover

Japanese Spurge is a traditional ground cover plant. It is an evergreen, which means it will provide color and cover throughout the year, and is tolerant to most soil types. Make sure that the original plantings are far enough apart to grow to full size. Japanese Spurge is a slow growing plant, so expansion will happen at a leisurely pace.

What is Japanese Spurge?

Japanese Spurge is highly regarded as a ground cover because it is an evergreen shrub. When in bloom, the tips of branches are covered with tiny white flowers. It grows well in fertile clay or loamy soils, and will do well in sandy soil if the soil is conditioned before planting. As long as the macro nutrients are present, Japanese Spurge is capable of drawing them out of the soil.

Why Spurge Makes Great Ground Cover

Crassula ovata, the scientific name of Japanese Spurge, should be treated with fresh compost 2 to 3 times per year. To protect the soil, cover it with mulch after the plants are in place. Under proper growing conditions, the plant will reach about 10 inches in height and a deep green in appearance. Pruning should be done in the spring and all clips should be made above a leaf or branch juncture.