Growing a Rose Bush From a Bud

old rose bush next to grave markers
What You'll Need
A rose bud, with the stem still intact
A small bamboo stick
Plant pot
Plastic container
Garden gloves
Sharp knife
Hand trowel

Growing a rose bush will make an attractive feature to any garden. Growing roses from the bud is a simple and enjoyable task which can be used for many rose bush varieties.

Step 1 - Plant pot

Fill the plant pot with fertilizer and sand, and then use the bamboo stick to dig a hole in the pot. The hole will need to be deep enough to ensure that the rose bud will be as close to the top of the soil as possible.

Step 2 - Stem

Using the sharp knife make several cuts into the stem. This will encourage root development which will secure the rose into place. Treat each stem cut with a plant feeder solution to encourage a healthy rose bush growth.

Step 3 - Planting

yellow-orange rose on a branch

Push the rose bud stem into the hole and secure it into place with soil. Once the rose bud has been secured into place, cover it with a plastic container as this will create a greenhouse effect, which is important for the growth process. The growing bud will need to be watered regularly as the soil should be moist but not too wet.

Step 4 - Growth

Once the bud has started to grow, check that it cannot be pulled out easily from the plant pot. This will need to be done carefully so that the new roots will not be damaged. If the rose bud is secure then it is ready for transplanting into the garden.

Step 5 - Location

A new rose bush will need to be exposed to about six hours of sunlight. Select an area in the garden that satisfies this criterion and then clear the area to ensure that it is free from any weeds, as these will take away the vital nutrients that are required for a rose bud to flourish.

Step 6 - Transplant

wheelbarrow of mulch in front of rose bushes

Using a hand trowel, dig a hole in the prepared garden area, and then carefully remove the rose from the plant pot and transplant it to the hole. Secure the plant into place with soil and water it. Cover the new plant with the plastic container again, as this will protect it from harsh weather elements. The plastic container can be removed completely when the rose bush starts to flourish with new growth.

Step 7 - Care

A rose bush will need to be watered and pruned to ensure continual growth and development. If the bush was planted in the summer months it will need to be watered regularly, however if is planted in fall then water it once or twice and then leave until the spring. During the winter cover the base of the rose bush with a layer of mulch, as this will prevent root rot. In late spring the growing rose can be pruned, to do this cut away any dead leaves and small weak green shoots.