Growing and Caring for a Serviceberry Tree Growing and Caring for a Serviceberry Tree

A serviceberry tree makes an excellent lawn decoration. It grows relatively quickly and provides a great deal of color throughout the year. Keep 3 things in mind when growing this type of tree: it needs plenty of direct sunlight, rich fertile soil and lots of water.

Full Sun

If possible, position your serviceberry tree so that it will receive direct sunlight all day. At minimum it should get 4 to 6 hours of sun. Without enough sunlight, serviceberry leaves will turn a yellowish color around the edges.

Condition the Soil

Bare an area under the tree that is equal to the size of the tree crown. Add 2 inches of sifted mulch, and evenly spread out 1 cup of cotton seed meal. Use a pitchfork to poke into the ground and loosen the soil. Push the tines in slowly, and then wiggle. Smooth the area and cover it with 2 inches of mulch.

Create a Water Retention Barrier

Around the area that you have just mulched, build a small earthen wall, approximately 2 to 4 inches high. Fill the enclosed area with water and allow it to completely absorb into the soil. Repeat this process during any extended dry periods.

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