Growing Blackberries: Is a Trellis Necessary?

Growing blackberries can be a fun and enjoyable way to grow and harvest summer fruits that can be made into preserves or frozen to enjoy during winter months. If you are thinking about planting blackberries in your own backyard, deciding how you will landscape their location is important.

Berry Vines

Blackberries in the wild grow in patches that wander across large areas and even up and down trees and over any structures in their way. If you have ever tried to harvest blackberries from a berry patch, you also know how difficult it is to get beyond the outside edges of the patch without coming away with multiple scratches and scrapes from the thorns on the vines.

If you are thinking about planting blackberries in your backyard, consider using a trellis because it makes them easier to maintain. Berry vines have a nasty habit of popping up in the most unexpected places within feet of where you have attempted to train them to grow. Without a trellis to help to rein them in, you will soon have blackberries taking over your garden.