Growing Cactus: Sunlight Needs

Growing a cactus is a great way to create a beautiful plant in or outside of your home, without needing to spend a lot of time maintaining it. The key factor to growing a healthy cactus that will sustain a long life is monitoring the amount of sunlight it receives on a daily basis. Keep reading to understand the basic sunlight needs of your cactus.

Indoor Cacti

If you are having trouble growing your cacti indoors, you should make sure you are reaching its sunlight needs. All cacti require daily and constant sunshine that does not generally let up. If you are growing indoors, the shade from your home and other items can limit the amount of sunshine your cactus receives. If this is the case, consider using artificial light that can substitute the lack of sunshine and promote healthier growth.

Outdoor Cacti

If you are growing your cactus outdoors, be aware of how the sun moves over your home. Sometimes, a spot on your lawn, whether in the front or back yard, can receive more sunlight than you would assume due to a tree or your home itself. Spend a day outside reading, swimming, tanning or doing another leisure activity while observing the lighting to really find a spot that will receive consistent sunshine each day.