Growing Cactus: Cereus Cacti Growing Cactus: Cereus Cacti

Growing cereus cactus is a fairly undemanding task, which yields beautiful bloomins. These cacti will reward your efforts for years to come. Cereus cacti are a group of mostly columnar cacti, which are characterized by their rapid growth and large nocturnal flowers. These cacti have specific soil, water and lighting requirements, all of which will be discussed within this article.

Soil: A basic cactus soil mix composed at least 30% of pearlite will be suitable for all cereus cacti. All cacti require well draining soil. When potting, be sure to add an inch of gravel to the bottom of the pot.

Watering: Cereus cacti should be watered only after its soil has completely dried out. To determine whether or not the soil is completely dry, stick your index finger directly into the growing medium. Any sign of moisture should detour you from watering.

Lighting: Cereus cacti benefit from up to 12 hours of direct sunlight. The more light the cacti receives, the faster and stronger it will develop. Be sure to place your cacti in an area where it will receive direct sunlight at least six hours a day.

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