Growing Cilantro Indoors And Outdoors Growing Cilantro Indoors And Outdoors

Cilantro is a wonderful herb to add to almost any dish. Growing your own herbs and spices can also be a satisfying experience. Growing cilantro is very easy to do both inside and outside the home.

Growing Cilantro Outdoors

Growing cilantro outdoors is similar to growing it indoors. Cilantro coriander is the type of seed that you need, and the seeds must be prepared by crushing the seed husk and soaking the seeds for 24 to 48 hours before planting. Plant them in about a quarter of an inch of topsoil and make sure that the conditions are sunny, but not too warm. Early morning or late afternoon sunshine is best. Shade during the hottest part of the day is critical.

Growing Cilantro Indoors

More nutrition is the biggest key to growing cilantro indoors. Since there is less room for a proper root structure in an indoor pot you must be sure to provide plenty of nutrients to promote growth. You also need to provide thorough amounts of water for growing indoors. If the soil is dry to the touch you need to add water. Do that, and you’ll be tasting that fresh cilantro in no time!

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