Growing Gourmet Mushrooms Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

What You'll Need
Gourmet Mushroom Kit
Spray Bottle
Cooking Oil Spray

A very popular ingredient in a lot of food is the delicious gourmet mushroom.

Growing gourmet mushrooms might sound a little intimidating at first. Just because of the name "gourmet" many people think that there is an involved process that requires several different steps and expensive equipment. However, that is very far from the actual truth. Growing gourmet mushrooms is very easy with many different varieties available.

Step 1- Purchase Your Gourmet Mushroom Kit

The easiest, and least involved method of growing gourmet mushrooms, is through a growing kit. It will contain all the materials you need as well as the growing medium. Mushrooms are essentially a fungus, so they will grow best when there is high humidity as well as a grassy place to spore. A kit will contain the right growing medium for the type of mushroom you want to grow.

Choose your kit based on the type of gourmet mushrooms you would like to use. There are several different kinds available to you. Start with one and then once that works out well, you can try out others.

Step 2- Set Up Kit

Choose a place in your home where you can set up the gourmet mushroom kit. There must be a constant temperature where the particular mushroom will thrive. The directions will tell you the temperature that you need for each mushroom. For instance, mushrooms like Portabellas need to have a constant 63 to 65 degrees for them to grow.

Step 3- Set in Semi Lighted Area

The key to making sure your gourmet mushrooms grow is the light that you give them. They need to have some light, but it must be indirect light. Any direct light will cause the mushrooms to cease growing, or cause deep, brown spots on the mushroom.

Step 4- Mist With Water

Mushrooms also need to have high humidity in order to continue growing. Use a spray bottle and mist the growing medium, or mushroom kit, every day. Make sure that you spray it enough for the water droplets to stick to the kit and not run off.

Step 5- Circulate Air

Carbon dioxide is a major problem with mushrooms. Too much carbon dioxide in the room and you will not be able to grow your gourmet mushrooms. Set up a small fan in the room, near the gourmet mushroom kit, and let it circulate the air around the mushrooms.

Step 6- Protect Mushrooms

In order to keep your mushrooms from being infested with little pests and insects, simply spray some cooking oil around the mushrooms. This will keep the bugs from being able to reach the mushrooms for a better crop.

Step 7- Harvesting

After about two weeks time, it will be time to harvest the mushrooms. Once the stem begins to tear by itself it means that the mushroom is ready to be taken and used in your next dish.

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