Growing Hibiscus in a Container

Hibiscus are perennial brightly-colored flowers that grow well in the ground or in pots. Follow these tips to create a successful hibiscus container garden.

Choosing the Container

Hibiscus root systems are shallow and grow horizontally, so wide containers are more suitable than tall or narrow ones. Choose the biggest pot that your backyard or balcony can accommodate—like most flowering plants, hibiscus will perform better if its roots have room to spread.


Hibiscus flowers in pots need good drainage, so make sure that the container you choose has holes in the bottom and in the sides. If your hibiscus is inside, be careful about using container saucers as these can cause the pots to clog up and waterlog the plants.

Size of the Plants

Start with a small plant to help ensure that the plant will not outgrow the pot. However, do not be afraid to prune the plant if it gets out of control. The root system will automatically adjust itself according to the size of the pot, so the plant will balance itself out.


Hibiscus is a great plant for forgetful gardeners as it does not require regular watering. Check the soil from time to time. If it is dry, give the plant a drink, but if the soil is moist, leave it alone.