Growing Pomegranate: Propagate by Cuttings to Ensure Quality

Pomegranate trees are becoming a more popular fruit tree to have in your backyard. They not only add a decorative feature to your garden, but the fruit also offers numerous health benefits because it is high in vitamins and antioxidants. 

Seeds or Cuttings?

It is possible to grow a pomegranate tree from seeds. However, the most successful method is to grow them from cuttings as this will increase the quality of the tree and its fruit yield. 

Cuttings from pomegranate trees can be purchased from a local nursery or a garden center and you should select one which is about 15 inches in height. Most purchased cuttings will be treated with a rooting hormone powder or compound. 

Planting and Pruning

The pomegranate tree cuttings will need to be planted in a standard soil in a sunny area. Once your tree has been planted it should be watered regularly for the first couple of weeks. After this period, reduce watering to fortnightly. Young pomegranate trees will need to be pruned regularly to cut off weak shoots and foliage. 

Once your pomegranate tree has grown, pruning can be done once a year. It may take three years before your pomegranate tree will yield fruit.