Growing Strawberries: What To Do Throughout The Seasons

Growing strawberries is a great way to provide fresh fruit for your family throughout the growing season. Strawberry plants are hardy and grow well in most climates.

Selecting a Strawberry Variety

When planning a strawberry garden you’ll first have to decide what variety of strawberries you want to grow. June strawberries are the most popular because they have the highest yield per season. Unfortunately, they only produce fruit in late spring. Other varieties such as ever-bearing and day-neutral strawberries produce throughout the season but yield much smaller crops.

Preparing Your Site

Strawberries like sun so before planting select a location where your plants will have good sun exposure. Since they don’t tolerate long periods of drought or large quantities of water, you will also need a site that drains well and never has standing water.

Caring For Your Growing Strawberries throughout the Season

Strawberry plants grow best in moderate temperatures with a lot of sun. Spring is when strawberries thrive. The only season where special care must be taken is in the winter in colder climates. If a frost is forecast, place a tarp over the strawberry plants to prevent freezing. During the rainy season inspect the area where the strawberries are planted for standing water. If water is accumulating, it may be necessary to dig a trench to allow the water to drain.