Growing Strawberries Using the Container Method: 3 Tips Growing Strawberries Using the Container Method: 3 Tips

If you would like to grow strawberries, but you don’t have much room, consider growing container strawberries. This popular method for growing herbs and vegetables uses outdoor pots or a window box.

1. Choosing the Right Container

The best type of container for strawberries is the terracotta pot with the pockets on the sides, although many other types, including round and rectangular, will be suitable. When choosing the container, make sure that there will be enough room to plant the strawberries 10 to 14 inches apart. You may also want to keep in mind that the smaller the pot, the more the plants will need to be watered.

2. The Strawberry Plant

There are 2 types of strawberry plants to choose from: the June bearing and the Ever-bearing. Both types will do equally well in a container. The June bearing strawberry plants bear fruit once a year whereas the Ever-bearing bear fruit twice per year.

3. Soil, Sun and Water

Use a good quality soil along with a continuous release fertilizer. Fertilize the plants at least once per month until they start to flower, then increase fertilization to once every 10 days.

When you plant the strawberries, make sure that the roots are fanned out and are covered. Regularly check if the plants need watering; the soil should be moist but not saturated. When you water your plants, try not to get the berries or the leaves wet. Strawberry plants need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. When runners grow during the first season, pick them off so that the plants are able to concentrate all their energy on growing strawberries.

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