Growing Sycamore Trees in Containers

One of the more stately deciduous trees, Sycamore trees, will provide your landscape with a lot of character. Sycamore trees are a wonderful type of shade tree that is grown in several different areas of the world. In each area, there is a different variety of sycamore trees. In the U.S., the most common type of sycamore is located east of the Great Plains and covers the land from Maine to Florida.
Propagating sycamore trees can be done through planting seeds, transplanting, or through cuttings. When you grow from a seed, the best way to get the tree to germinate is to grow it in a container. These containers must be large enough to handle the tree as it grows for the first year or so.

Collect Seeds

In order to make sure that the sycamore tree does germinate you will need to collect seeds from an already established tree. Collect the seeds in the fall by picking them off the ground near the base of the tree. They will have prickly casings. Remove the seed from the casings and place in a moist towel.

Plant in Pot

Once you have the seeds ready to planting you add some potting soil to a container that is twice as deep as the seeds are long. Plant the seed just under the soil and water it until it is moist.

Stratify the Seed

Growing a sycamore tree from seed, in a container, means that you will need to stratify the seed. This is a process by which you store the seed in a cool temperature for a period of 90 days. This will work out great for storing in the winter months until you can transplant to a larger pot. The temperature should be at least 40 degrees and no more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transplant Into Larger Container

After another warm period of 90 days you can then transplant the sycamore tree into a new container. If the process did not produce a sprout, you will need to repeat it. However, in the event that the seed did germinate, you can move on and begin growing your tree.
Fill a pot three times the size of the one the seedling is in now with organic compost and soil. Carefully transplant the seedling into the larger pot. Place it in the center of the container and water until the soil is moist but not wet.

Move To Warmer Area

The sycamore tree will now be ready to be moved into a warm area. You can set it near a window for sun or you can place it outside once the spring weather begins to warm up.

Watch And Transplant

During the first year of growth, the sycamore tree will grow very rapidly. To keep the tree healthy, and train it in the say you want it to grow, you should prune it often. In the fall of the year, cut it back to a dormant bud for more explosive growth in the spring. Once it begins to grow you can set it in another container and continue to prune. If you want to keep it in a container than simply continue to prune off he new growth. If you want to transplant to your yard, wait until the fall of the year.