Growing Tips for Peacock Orchids

Peacock orchids, native to South Africa, are as showy as their bird namesake. Look over these suggestions for hints on how to grow yours to their peak of fragrant white beauty.

Where to Grow Peacock Orchids

Plant peacock orchid corms in moist soil with fine drainage in a sunny spot. In warm climates where winter temperatures stay above 30 degrees F. (-1 C.), peacock orchids can overwinter outdoors. If your winter temperatures fall below freezing, dig up your peacock orchids and overwinter them in the house at 60 degrees F. (15 C.) or slightly cooler in a dry location. Indoors, plant the corm in a tall vase to support its long stem, and stand it in a sunlit window, facing either south or west.

How to Plant Peacock Orchids

Plant the corm 4 inches below the soil surface, in groups of up to 10, so that as their stems grow to full height, they can support each other.

Care of Peacock Orchids

Thoroughly soak the corms when you plant them, whether outdoors or inside. Rainfall of 1 inch or more per month will meet their water needs afterward. Indoors, water once a week just till the top inch of soil is damp.

Bloom Cycle

The peacock orchid will open its heady-scented blooms after growing for 2 to 3 months.