Guest Room Basics: Limit The Amount of Personal Photos

If you'll soon be playing host to overnight guests, it's a good idea to limit the amount of personal photos in your guest room. Below are the primary reasons you should keep personal guest room photos to a minimum.

Alienating Guests

Placing too many personal photos in your home's guest room is liable to make guests who aren't part of your family feel out of place. For example, if you host a guest who has recently married into your family, he or she may feel left out if none of the photos feature them. For this reason, it is recommended that your guest room contain no more than 2 or 3 personal photos. You have your entire home in which to place such photos, so there's no need to display them in a room meant for guests.

Making Guests Feel Reserved

For many people, staying in a friend or family member's guest room can be tantamount to staying at a hotel. However, a large number of personal photos will make the room feel less like a hotel and more like a spare bedroom. This is liable to make certain people feel overly awkward and prompt them to exercise an unnecessary level of caution when handling anything in the room.