Guest Room Decorating- 4 Wall Decoration Ideas

Here are some simple tips for wall decorations in your guest room.

1. Restore an Old Frame

Find an old frame, one that you aren't using or one from a flea market. Paint the frame with either spray paint or acrylic paint from an art store. Gold or silver is always an easy choice. Or, go funky with it and paint it a bold color that matches something in the room. Get a piece of mirror cut to fit in the frame, and create a funky or elegant mirror that is functional for your guests to use, and that opens up the space to make the room larger, too.

2. Create a Wall Stencil

Google images has several copyright-free images of silhouettes from the turn of the century. Paint your wall a solid color such as deep blue, turquoise, red or fuchsia. Print out the design you want to use and take measurements of how large you want it on your wall. Go to the nearest copy center and have them enlarge your picture to your measurement specifications (they may have to tile the printouts, which means they'll be on multiple pieces of paper that you'll need to assemble). Chalk the back of the copies, tape them with paper tape to your colored wall, (chalk touching the wall). Use a pencil to outline on top of the photocopy to trace the design. Take off the paper. Paint in the design using either white, black or a lighter or darker variation of the color your wall is painted in acrylic paint from the art store. After the paint is dry, wipe the wall a damp cloth to remove excess chalk.

3. Vintage Photos

Sometimes people aren't keen to have family photos in a guestroom. But, showing off some of your vintage photos is quite a conversation piece. If you have old family photos, pop them into vintage frames, or all in the same style sleek black or white frames and hang them salon-style on one wall. Your guest will be entertained and get to know you a bit better too.

4. Original Artwork

Find some original artwork on websites like or Support independent artists while finding artwork that is totally unique for your guests to enjoy!