Guest Room Ideas: Getting the Right Sized Bed Guest Room Ideas: Getting the Right Sized Bed

When you're shopping for furniture and accessories for a guest room, the ideas you consider should include a properly sized bed to accommodate your overnight guests. Below are the most popular options for guest room bed sizes.

King Sized Bed

When it comes to guest room ideas, it is better to have a bed that is too big than too small. A king sized bed is a good choice for people who frequently host couples, but it can also be used by individuals as well.

Queen Sized Bed

A queen sized bed can comfortably fit most couples, but it's better suited to guest rooms that often house lone visitors. If you're thinking of putting a queen sized bed in your home's guest room, it may be a good idea to just spring for a king sized one. Few guests will fault you for having a bed that's too large.

Bunk and Trundle Beds

Bunk or trundle beds are great guest room ideas if many of your house guests are children. In addition to providing kids with a comfortable place to sleep, many children find these types of beds fun to sleep on. Also, if you have a steady number of nieces, nephews or grandchildren, it may be a good idea to buy more than one set of bunk or trundle beds for your guest room.

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