Guest Room Ideas: Using a Bright Comforter

If you've been looking for helpful guest room ideas, you may want to consider adorning your guest beds with brightly colored comforters. These comforters can give virtually any guest room a warm, welcoming feel.

Bright Green Comforters

Bright green comforters are fantastic guest room ideas. In addition to giving any room in which they are placed a natural feel, bright green comforters mesh well with a variety of decor choices and possess the ability to liven up an otherwise mundane guest room. Because of the natural mood they help create, bright green comforters are best used during the spring and summer months.

Bright Blue Comforters

Bright blue comforters, like their green counterparts, go well with almost any guest room design. Whereas a bright green comforter will give your home's guest room a very natural feel, a bright blue comforter will create a very dignified, sophisticated mood. Also, while bright blue comforters are best used during the winter months, they tend to mesh nicely with any seasonal backdrop.

Bright Red Comforters

Bright red comforters are good guest room ideas if you frequently host children. In addition to being stimulated by bright colors, many kids find the color red to be particularly inviting. Bright red comforters are best used during fall, as they blend in nicely with leaves that have changed color.