Guest Room Painting- What Color is Appealing To Guests? Guest Room Painting- What Color is Appealing To Guests?

Painting the guest room is a great opportunity to put your inner designer to work. You will want to create a environment that is neutral enough to be welcoming to all while still having enough interest to reflect your home as a whole.

Neutral or natural tones are the standard starting point. Traditional neutrals like beige, taupe, ivory and grey are always popular and in style. However, a great alternative to this very common approach is metallic tones. Ralph Lauren and other paint designers have come out with very classy tones with satin finishes that will easily turn your neutral walls into something a bit more fashionable and elegant, while still keeping a very calm and fresh feel to the room. You may want to consider one wall for a metallic paint and the other three walls in an ivory color. Which would match well with white or ivory bedding. Add some chocolate brown tones for a more dramatic effect. If you have fancy moulding, you may even carry the gold around the room just on the crown moulding.

If you are a more artistic person, don't be afraid to express it. While you want every guest from your old college roommate to your parents to feel equally welcome, they're also staying with you because they enjoy your personality. If you are naturally attracted to bold jewel tones of violets, reds or deep ultramarine blues, consider painting either the entire room (which will make the room feel smaller, but cozier), or a single wall with a mirror opposing it to help move the color around. You may even consider painting just the ceiling and having a matching colored throw rug or match throw pillows on the bedding. What makes a guest room the most comfortable is creating a clean, clutter-free environment with room to rest. 

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