Guide to Making Mason Jar Candles

What You'll Need
Mason jars
Candle wax
Candle wicks
Scented oils
Food coloring
Double broiler
Wooden spoon
Eye protection
Gloves or other hand protection

Jar candles, which can be easily made using Mason jars, make great holiday decorations and gifts. They are very inexpensive to create and can be made with different scents, or even made into citronella jars to repel mosquitoes when summer comes around. Best of all, they are safe to use since they are made for high temperatures such as those used in the food canning process.

Step 1 – Preparation

Make sure you have all the materials and tools you need ready to go before starting your project. You should also have eye and hand protection as the candles get hot while being made.

Step 2 – Heating Up the Wax

The next step is to heat up the candle wax that is required to make your jar candles. The water will go in the bottom part of the double boiler and the candle wax goes in the top part of the double broiler. First, heat up some water in the bottom part of a double broiler, with the temperature set to 180 degrees F. Once the candle wax begins to melt, let it simmer until it reaches 180 degrees F.

Step 3 – Putting in the Scents

Next, add about 1 ounce of scented oil. If you want a holiday feel, try evergreen or pine, or maybe some vanilla to remind you of sugar cookies.

Step 4 – Adding Colors

Next, pour in food coloring to create the color of the candle you would like. For example, if you used evergreen scent, you could make your candles green or if you used vanilla you could make your jar candles white. Stir the mixture carefully using a wooden spoon, which won't conduct heat and burn your hand while you are stirring the wax.

Step 5 – Putting the Wax into the Mason Jars

After you have mixed in the scent and color, it’s time to pour the wax into the jars. Make sure the jars are on an leveled table so your wax won’t dry at an angle in the jars. First, put one of the candle wicks into the jar and make sure that a few inches of it sticks outside the top of the jar. Then, making sure you are wearing hand protection, take the broiler full of melted wax and carefully pour enough in the jar candle to fill it to the top. While you are doing this, the candle wick must be held so it doesn’t fall into the wax.

Step 6 – Final Steps

Fill up any remaining jars with wax and allow to cool and harden. The jar candles can now be decorated and enjoyed.