Guide to Weatherproofing Deck Storage Guide to Weatherproofing Deck Storage

One of the biggest problems of deck storage is keeping all of your item protected from the weather conditions. The rain is not the only type of weather condition that you need to weatherproof against. Stowing your things outside on your deck means protection from the sun, rain, snow, ice and humid conditions.

Weatherproofing is not just about using chemicals to seal storage bins. There are a few different ways that you can weatherproof against the different types of weather conditions five of which are described here.

Seal Decking

One of the more popular ways of creating deck storage for people with homes built on a slope, or exposed basement, is having an upper level deck. These decks are several feet off the ground and provide a built-in storage area underneath. However, you should take time to seal the decking above to protect against any rain seepage that can come through the wood. Lattice work also works great for surrounding the under deck storage. This will keep out a lot of wind, the snow and hot sun.

Weatherproof Storage Closets

A great way to not only keep your deck clear of any clutter, but also keep your items clear of the weather. These are typically made out of plastic material and come a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors to match your siding. Depending on how your deck is configured, a stand up closet, or a beneath the bench type of tote make great storage ideas. Not only will they keep the elements off of your items, but they will not fade under the hot sun.

Install an Awning

An awning makes a wonderful deck storage for larger items that you can not easily store under the deck or even in a closet. Chairs, deck tables, and plants will all find security under an awning. Deck awnings are very easy to install and can be used when needed. If the sun is very hot that day, simply pull out the awning and sit underneath. When it starts to sprinkle a little, you can still enjoy your deck living area by using the awning.

Use Covers

A lot of deck furniture will have special coverings that can be purchased to keep them out of the weather. These covers are usually made out of some sort of rain-resistant material like vinyl. The water will run off them and not rest on them causing rot. However, after a few seasons of use in the summer time, they will begin to weaken at the seams.

Keep Clean

No matter what type of deck storage you use, it should always be a top priority to keep things everything clean. This goes for the items you are storing and the actual storage itself. Deck boards should be kept maintained, and plastic deck storage should be kept clean of any dirt and water. In the wintertime keeping the deck, and deck storage, clear of any type of snow and ice will also help to keep them long lasting.

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