Guild a Backyard Goldfish Pond

What You'll Need
Spade shovel
Pond liner
Gravel and stones
Pump and filter
Landscape paint

A goldfish pond can add great interest to your garden landscape, especially if you live in a warmer climate where you can enjoy your garden year round.

Since they can be built to any shape and placed anywhere in the landscape, goldfish ponds are extremely versatile. You can add large rocks for dimension, a waterfall for soothing sounds, plants for color, and go as large or as small as you would like. Goldfish ponds are truly up to your imagination. Building a goldfish pond seems like it would be a difficult project. However, ponds are easily built with a lot of labor and a few basic ground tools.

Step 1: Determine Location of Pond

The first step to your goldfish pond is to find the best location. You will want to find a place where the pond will fit in with the surrounding landscape and accessories. A partly shaded area is also an optimal place as direct sunlight will contribute to faster algae build up.

Step 2: Layout Outline of Pond and Dig

You do not have to take precise measurements when planning a backyard pond. The design is completely up to you in terms of size and shape. Take some landscape paint and draw out your outline on the grass. Use a spade bit shovel and dig out your outline. You can have it as deep as you like, but 2 to 3 feet is plenty deep enough for goldfish like Koi.

Step 3: Level Bottom And Install Liner

Once you have the outline of the pond dug out you will need to level the bottom. This is important to keep the water level in your pond at a constant depth. Use sand to fill in low spots and help keep everything level.

Lay out the liner on the bottom of the pool and center it. Push it in according to the outline and make sure it is tight along the edges. Lay out a layer of gravel on the bottom of the liner and make sure the liner is completely covered.

Position large stones around the exterior of the pond, keeping them close together. They will act as a way to keep the liner in place, but also define the space.

Step 4: Install Pump And Filter

Place the pump and filter into a small bucket and let it sit on the bottom of the pond. You can hide it with a few large rocks. Run the cord out of the pond under some stones and towards the outlet.

Step 5: Add Water

Begin filling the pool with water and let it circulate in the pump to clean it before putting and gold fish in it. Fill it to within 3 to 4 inches of the top. Let the pump run and filter out the water for at least a day before putting any plants or fish in it.

Step 6: Add Goldfish

Koi make the best goldfish for outdoor ponds. Once the pump has been running, and the water has had time to warm up, carefully add a few goldfish at a time. Set up some plants around the exterior, and a few on the interior for an added oxygen producer.