Gutter Covers vs Gutter Screens: What's Best for You?

Gutter protection is an effective way to prevent gutter clogs and for this, you have a choice between gutter covers or gutter screens.  Without a prevention system, gutters can fill up with leaves, acorns, and other debris. Gutter systems trap the particles that would have gotten in the gutter system and reroutes them to a different path that will prevent extensive damage to your home or building. Taking precautions with protective gutter control is a must, and there are different kinds of gutter protectors that cater to different needs. Although no system can completely prevent clogging, the following are different precautionary measures.

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are solid attachments that connect to the gutters. Their sturdy structure presents great endurance and the prevention of clogging. Gutter covers may, however, require installation assistance, as they are more difficult to put in than other options. Although some people are capable of installing gutter systems, gutter covers are somewhat difficult and it is recommended that you get assistance from someone who is extremely familiar with the specific gutter cover installation methods. They are also extremely noticeable, due to their structure.  While gutter covers may be the smartest choice in terms of preventative care, their installation and visibility are issues to be considered.

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are similar to gutter covers, except they are made from screen rather than solid roof-like material. Gutter screens are easier to install, as they simply snap into place.  This system is great for someone who is confident in their own ability to install a system. Gutter screens have two parts, the frame and the screen. It is a smarter choice to get a metal frame, as it will withstand and better prevent debris and water damage. Unfortunately, the diamond-shaped holes in the gutter screens allow for more debris to get into the gutters than the gutter covers. Although this is true for most gutter screens, there are some highly expensive versions that do a fine job of preventing debris from getting inside. If you are interested in investing, then the gutter screens option is a good choice to make. Nonetheless, gutter screens require more upkeep and cleaning efforts on the owner’s behalf. While gutter screens do prevent large debris, they are probably not the best choice if you are having problems with smaller debris.