A gutter is simply a fairly thin and shallow bend in a piece of metal or wood that carries the rainwater or any weather related liquid off the roof.

When Are Gutters Used?

Gutters are used on all houses. No matter where you live, a gutter is a standard part of code when building a home. Often times, gutters pose a problem when not properly or routinely cleaned and checked. Being that they are very important to the lifespan of your roof, you need to inspect them regularly to ensure there is a good flow of water through the gutter.

What Happens if a Gutter is Clogged?

When a gutter is clogged, it will pose a problem if it goes undetected. This could cause a backup of rain water. This means the rain water is standing stagnant on the roof. When this happens, water damage can occur.

This water damage can be strictly isolated to the roof shingles or it can penetrate the roof and onto the drywall and ceiling of the home. The type of damage that it will cause will depend on how long the water has sat stagnant.  When this happens, you also need to check the gutter for mold and mildew.