Gutter Maintenance: Mistakes to Avoid

Gutter maintenance is not an enjoyable activity. You want to do it fast and get it over with, which can lead to errors in judgment. Here are a few mistakes you should try to avoid when dealing with gutter maintenance.

1. Badly Positioned Ladder

When cleaning the gutters you will probably need a ladder. To avoid any accidents you should always properly position the ladder. Whenever possible, the ladder should be on even ground that is solid. Avoid slippery surfaces, such as marble or paved rocks. For every 4 feet that the ladder goes in the air you should slide it 1 foot on the ground away from the structure. You can also secure it from moving by having someone step on the feet or placing it against an immovable object such, as a small wall or curb.

2. Spending Time Focusing on Small Debris

Address the big obstructions first. Small debris will usually flow right out once the big stuff is cleared by using a garden hose. Large obstructions can damage the gutters and create a natural barrier for smaller impurities, such as leaves or dirt.

3. Using Sharp Metal Objects

Using the water pressure from a garden hose and a wooden stick to remove dirt and leaves is usually enough. A sharp metal object can damage or pierce your gutters, and is hard to get it into tight places when doing your gutter maintenance.