Gutter Parts: How to Choose the Right Size Gutter Wedge

When installing or performing maintenance on any roof drainage system, it is essential to have thorough knowledge of gutter parts. An often ignored, but still very important, part is the gutter wedge. In essence, a gutter wedge is a space filler. That is, it fills in the negative space between the gutter and the fascia—the flat material around the roof line—or molding. Although a thorough installation process includes meticulous measuring, it is not uncommon for there to be issues with the way the gutter fits against your home. If this is the case, a gutter wedge will fill in that empty space and improve the efficiency of your drainage system. The gutter wedge is inserted between the gutter and the fascia to ensure that water does not seep between the gutter and the fascia. Additionally, it creates a tight fit between the gutter and the fascia, thus helping to ensure a strong, long lasting bond.

Choosing a Wedge

It is simple to figure out whether or not you need a gutter wedge. The difficult part is figuring out how big your gutter wedge needs to be. Typically, gutter wedges come in two basic sizes: 5 and 6 inch. This refers not necessarily to the size of the wedge itself, but the size of the gutter you will be using it for. In order to choose a gutter wedge, take careful note of the measurements of your gutter. Without knowing your measurements, it will be nearly impossible to know what size gutter wedge you need. If you do know the measurements of your drainage system, it's a simple matter of purchasing a wedge that corresponds to those measurements.