Gutter Parts: What Is a Gutter Wedge?

Installing a gutter requires many different gutter parts. You need to have the gutter, a downspout and end caps.  In some installations of gutters you may need to also acquire gutter wedges in order for your gutter to hang properly. If your home eaves are at a slant, you will need to acquire gutter wedges.

Gutter Wedge

A gutter wedge is a triangle shaped metal device that gets installed against the eaves of the home. One angle of the gutter wedge is at a 90 degree angle, and the other angles depend on the length of the upper side of the wedge. Determine the proper angle for your wedge by knowing what the angle of your eaves are.

Choose Gutter Wedge 

It's important that you have the proper angle for your gutter wedge, in order to ensure that your gutter is hung square. Some geometry knowledge would be useful when determining the angle. A protractor and a weighted string are the only tools you will need to determine the proper angle. Attach the loose end of the string to the top of the eave where the roof connects and let it hang down. Put the protractor against the eave. Where the string crosses the protractor is the angle that the wedge will have at the top. All 3 angles will total 180 degrees.