How to Lay Tile

Worker Placing Final Floor Tile
What You'll Need
Ordinary scissors
Tape or folding rule
Chalk line
Mastic trowel
Steel square
Hand cleaner

Read this article for advice on how to tile a floor.

Preparing the Space

Thoroughly clean the entire surface so that the adhesive you use later can make a strong bond. Then level the area and secure all loos boards. Cover the old floor with plywood if it has become damaged.

When adding a new floor surface, you must apply a nail every 4-inches while paying attention so that you properly stagger everything.

Starting from the Room's Center

Begin the first run from the exact middle of the room. Locate that points by snapping chalk lines from the center of the long and wide walls. The point were the lines cross is the room's center.

Do a Loose Tile Run

Position a row of un-adhered tile in each direction. When the loose tiles reach their respective walls, snap lines from the edges to the walls to check for accuracy. Make any necessary adjustments.

If the measurement from the final tile and the wall is smaller than 2-inches or greater than 8-inches, you must correct the starting point so that you don't end up with a tiny or huge space and the end of the run.

Prepare to Apply the Tiles

Examine pattern or grain when planning layout.

Examine the tiles and decide how you want to pattern the layout. You can do either an alternating theme or a directional theme.

Cementing the Tiles

Self-stick tile saves a lot of effort, but if you have to apply adhesive to the tile, always do so according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tiles cement settles usually within 15 minutes. When the cement reaches a tacky, but not sticky consistency, it is ready.

Lay the Floor Tiles

Start at center. Lay tiles row by row to one wall.

Lay the first tile squarely at the position you have planned for it. Always lay the tiles, rather than sliding them. Avoid problems from expansion and contraction by alternating the tiles.

Cutting Tiles

You will have to measure and cut the tile to size to complete the final border. You will also have to cut tile to fit around pipes and other fixtures. Use paper to trace an outline and scissors to make the cuts.

Once the tile floor is finished, do not wash it for at least 1 week.

Information in this article has been furnished by the National Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and associated contributors.