Habitat for Humanity ReStore Shopping Guide

Image via Habitat.org

When it comes to curating the materials you need for your latest and greatest DIY project, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide where to look first. Because we know that you want high quality materials, items that are safe, and that you aren’t looking to spend too much dough to get these projects started, we’ve put together this handy Habitat for Humanity Restore guide so that you can uncover what these stores are for, what to find there, and what to use the materials for!

What Is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

These stores are run by the well-known organization Habitat for Humanity. The mission of the organization is to bring people together to help build homes for those in need to ensure that everyone has a decent place to live. With that in mind, Habitat for Humanity opened these stores to create a great shopping experience for the public that benefits the organization.

These stores are part home improvement store, part home goods store. They resale donated items, whether they're building supplies, furniture, or fixtures, and their selection is constantly changing. Going there is an adventure—you never know just what you’ll find!

Why Shop There?

You’re probably wondering what the benefit is to shopping at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The answer to this is two-fold! Shopping at one of these retailers will allow you to find gently used, quality items that will be useful in your home in a myriad ways. Beyond that, you’ll be able to make these purchases at a lower price than what you’d pay at a typical retail store. There’s also an element of fun and surprise associated with shopping at a ReStore; since their inventory is constantly changing, you never know what you’ll find from one visit to the next.

The other benefit to shopping at one of these stores is that you will be helping those in need not only in your own community, but around the world! This is because each purchase directly supports the Habitat for Humanity organization. These are shopping trips you can truly feel good about.

How to Use Your ReStore Finds

Once you’ve enjoyed your shopping trip to your local ReStore, you’re probably wondering what you can use these exciting purchases for around your home. We have a few ideas to put your newly bought items to good use!

Furniture Finds

Since these stores frequently stock a range of furniture items, perhaps you found a sofa with a great amount of character or a dining room table that would fit perfectly in your home. There are many DIY projects you can do to take advantage of these purchases!

Try refinishing anything made of wood, or get more creative with your projects! An old nightstand can easily be transformed into a "pretend" stove for your little one to enjoy. Simply use some paint, play-sized pots and pans, and a few other props! Another creative idea is to take a run-of-the-mill wood table and turn it into a game night lover’s dream. Use some woodworking skills to create a game board board built into or painted onto your table and you’ll have yourself a fun piece of furniture that your family will enjoy again and again.

Odds and Ends

These stores frequently stock a variety of items that work well as decor pieces or accessories around your home. However, there’s always room for sprucing these items up once you bring them home! Polish up some otherwise dull light fixtures to update your exterior entryway. Or reupholster a bench for extra seating during parties.