Habits and Characteristics of Palmetto Bugs Habits and Characteristics of Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bugs or cockroaches are large insects that can fly, but usually don't. Because they are associated with lack of hygiene, palmettos are not welcome visitors in any home.

Palmetto Bug

The palmetto bug is usually reddish brown but with a paler area around the edges of the wing cases. Although they can fly very well, palmettos generally don’t bother because they can find all that they need by crawling.

Living Conditions

The palmetto bug likes dwell in warm and moist areas, which may be why it is so well-established in Florida. Their natural areas are in the stumps of dead trees, wood piles, compost heaps and under houses.

Once in a house, the bugs find many areas that are ideal habitats. You will find them underneath bath tubs, in drains and in cellars that are warm, moist and dark.


Palmettos don’t hunt for food—they are natural scavengers and will eat just about anything. Once they find their way into a house, the wealth of food they find makes it so easy for them that they don’t bother trying to get out again. They will find adequate food on any floor, or they will even munch on wallpaper paste and book bindings.

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