HAI Flat Iron

With numerous available models at a wide range of prices, the HAI flat iron collection includes hair styling irons in many different sizes and designs. Equipped with multiple convenient features, HAI flat irons work quickly and effectively to straighten, style and condition all types of hair. A flat iron works on short, medium or long hair, however thin or coarse. HAI flat irons are made to salon-quality specifications, delivering impressive results with each pass. They won't damage or dry hair, instead leaving it hydrated, shiny and smooth.

HAI Flat Iron Series

HAI offers several different flat iron models found in 3 different series: Classic, Classic Pro and Elite. In addition to these models, the HAI Stylemate is a compact, dual-voltage flat iron perfect for foreign or domestic travel. Priced anywhere from about $78 to $250, HAI flat irons come with a range of distinct features designed to improve safety and maximum performance. Their innovative blend of technology and style make HAI flat irons among the most desirable on the market.

HAI Models

HAI offers well over a dozen different flat irons, including several brand new models. The latest innovation in flat iron design is the inclusion of a built-in MP3 player. The Hot Tunes MP3 flat iron from HAI costs around $150 and features 256MB of memory and convenient start, stop, skip and pause controls. This model allows one to store nearly 2 hours of music. Not only does the Hot Tunes flat iron deliver the best hair straightening results, one can jam out to their favorite music while styling. Other models include:

  • Big Heat
  • Blue Sapphire Classic
  • Classic NuStik
  • Classic Pro Twig
  • Classic Pro HAI-2
  • Elite Nano XT
  • Elite Tong

Other flat irons found in each of the 3 series are available as well. Regardless of the specific model, HAI flat irons protect color, sterilize and condition hair while providing a quick means of straightening it or adding attractive flips or curls.

Design Features

HAI flat irons feature pro-quality swivel cords that rotate completely around the base. This prevents twisting and tangling of the cord as one moves around the bathroom. Select models feature a built-in digital readout screen for precise temperature setting. As for the styling plates, HAI utilizes high-quality ceramic plates that are infused with nano tourmaline particles to help add shine to hair. Ceramic plates heat quickly and transfer heat evenly for a consistent performance. They feature beveled edges for making flips or curls and come in widths ranging from 0.5 to 2 inches, with the most common size being 1 inch. The handles have a non-slip grip and are ergonomically designed.


Heating up in as little as 5 seconds, you need not wait and wait for your HAI flat iron to be ready for use. Most HAI models are capable of reaching a temperature of up to 410 degrees F, while the Big Heat can reach 450 degrees. Depending on the hair type, a hot, wide flat iron is the best choice, especially for thick, unruly hair. Other performance features include variable temperature control, 30-minute auto shutoff safety mechanism and an optional auto sense control system for improved balance.