Half-Round Gutter Installation Tips Half-Round Gutter Installation Tips

Half round gutters are the precursor to modern square or K-style rain gutters. These types of gutters are typically made of copper or aluminum and are shaped like a semicircle. Despite being better designed to handle snow and debris, these gutters were phased out over 60 years ago in favor of their more modern cousins. If you are planning to install half-round gutters on your own building, follow these tips.

Slope Gutters Appropriately

Gutters should be sloped downward by 1/4-inch for every 100 feet of horizontal run. Check regularly for standing water.

Size According to Volume of Rainwater

Choose a gutter large enough to catch all run-off rain water without overflowing. Consider the area of the roof, as well as its pitch and material. Stone or tile roofs require larger gutters than shingled roofs. Generally, the capacity of a half-round gutter is equivalent to the capacity of a K-style gutter that is 1 inch smaller.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Choose an appropriately sized leader to drain the gutter without clogging. Seal the seams with silicone or polyurethane and check regularly for leaks.

Install Snow Guards

Snow guards prevent excess weight from damaging the shutters.

Use Extra Hangers

Use extra hangers to fasten the gutter to the roof, in case some eventually fail.

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