Hamburger Cooker

Available from brands like Presto, a hamburger cooker is the fastest, easiest and perhaps healthiest way to prepare the classic American meal. Sitting conveniently on the counter or in a cupboard and taking up hardly any space, a hamburger cooker resembles a miniature waffle iron. To prepare a burger, lift up the hinged upper section, place the raw patty onto the cooking surface, bring the sections back together and activate the power. In a matter of minutes, the burger is cooked, and thanks to the design, there is far less grease than when using a traditional frying pan.

Design Features

Extremely compact, a hamburger cooker weighs less than 3 pounds, runs on standard 120-volt electric power and draws 400 max Watts. It features a nonstick cooking surface, so there is no prying cooked burgers from the griddle. The special design of the cooker enables it to drain away virtually all grease that bubbles out during cooking, so the burgers are far healthier than with other preparation methods.

Speedy Use

A hamburger cooker not only prepares hamburgers quickly, but it can broil select cuts of meat. It can also be used to cook eggs. It's that versatile. Once activated, a burger is complete in about 3 to 4 minutes, far faster than with a stovetop. Cleanup is easy with the removable grease trap and nonstick cooking surface.