Hammock Plans Made Simple Hammock Plans Made Simple

Using these hammock plans, you can build a hammock with ease in your own back yard. The only tools you should need are a sewing machine, a drill, wrench and some drill bits.

If you have two larger trees within 15 feet of each other in your yard, then you've got a natural hammock stand. However, without help from mother nature, you will need to build or purchase a durable hammock stand. Whatever you decide to use for you hammock stand, make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of an adult.

Building a Tree-Held Hammock

Measure the distance between your two trees. Purchase three lengths of heavy rope that are approximately 6 feet longer than the distance between your trees. You will also need to purchase a piece of canvas. A standard sized hammock is between 9 and 11 feet in length.

After you measure and purchase, create two folds on either end of the canvas. These should be 3 to 4 inches in length. Sew these folds using a heavy duty thread. If you do not have a strong sewing machine, take the canvas to be sewn by a professional. Insert 3 inch by 4 foot dowels through the loop.

Screw three 2 inch, heavy-duty eyehooks, evenly spaced, over the length of each dowel. Cut six lengths of rope and insert them through the eyehooks. Tie the rope in a knot around the eyehook.

Install a 3 inch heavy-duty ring in each of the two trees you are using for your hammock.

Bring the three ends of rope on each side of your canvas and tie them together. Starting on one side, place this rope through the ring on one tree and tie a tight knot. Then, run the rope on the other side through the ring on the other tree and tie another knot.

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