Hand Knitting Chunky Blankets

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Knitting is a fun way to craft for enjoyment and for gifts. But traditional knitting can be hard to get into at first, especially if you don't have someone there to show you the ropes...or the yarn...in person.

Hand knitting though is an easy way to get into knitting. It's a fast, fun way to make a blanket in just a few hours. Grab your supplies, turn on your favorite TV show, and get your arms ready for the easiest blanket you'll ever make.

Blanket Knitting Supplies

Firstly, you are going to want a few specific supplies. You need a thick, chunky yarn. We love a chenille yarn, but you can use whatever yarn you want as long as it is nice and chunky. To make a lap size blanket, you are going to need three to four skeins of yarn.

If you want to make a bigger blanket, you'll need more. You are also going to need scissors, a measuring tape, and a needle and thread.

Step One: Knots

hands tying large yarn in a knot

To start, you need to unroll one skein of yarn and tie a slip knot at the end of the yarn. Make sure the knot is nice and tight and then feel free to trim off the excess tail. The knot should be firm, but be careful not to break the yarn—it's easier than you think.

Once you have your slip knot tied, pull the long end of the yarn through the knot to make a small loop. As you pull that loop through the slip knot, create a second slip knot. Essentially, you want your first row to be made entirely of slip knots.

If you aren't familiar with slip knots or this concept is new to you, a quick search online will provide more than enough video footage for you to get the idea.

In the first row, if you are going to make a lap-sized blanket as we did, you are going to need sixteen loops/knots. You want to make sure the chain that you make with the knots is not too small or too large. YOu are going to need to loop other yarn through these loops, so you need some room.

Step Two: Loops

hands knitting white knot blanket

Flip the chain over and lay it flat. Find the second knot and loop the working end of your yarn through the hole. You will always skip the first loop in your chain. Your knots will be going horizontally, but the loops you make with the remaining yarn will go vertically.

Find the bump in the middle of your slip knots and make your loop under that bump. You may need to wiggle your finger under the bump a few times so the yarn can loop and sit flat. Once you have your first loop in, loop through every other knot in the chain until you get to the end.

At the end, simply hop down the row and continue the pattern from the other direction. Remember to skip the first loop in the row. YOu will continue this process until you run out of yarn. When your yarn runs out, take a new skein and tie it to the old one.

Secure the knot with a few stitches from a needle and thread, cut off the long ends, and keep tying. You can hide the knot in the loops you create so the blanket looks completely seamless.

Step Three: The End

hands tying knot of knitting on chunky blanket

When you reach the end of the blanket, don't panic. Leave yourself enough yarn to finish off the blanket and it's pretty easy. Take two loops in one hand and then take the long end of the yarn and bring it through these loops. This will create another loop.

Now take the new loop you've just created and grab the loop next to it so you're holding two loops again. Using the long end of the yarn, do exactly what you just did until you reach the end where you can tie the blanket off.

Once you have your new yarn blanket, snuggle up and enjoy your favorite cozy activity.