Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring

Hand scraped bamboo flooring is one of the more unique floor types available in the bamboo floor range. It is also known as hand carved or antique flooring. The time and labor entailed in producing this floor is clearly reflected in the final price. It is increasingly becoming a popular choice by homeowners who seek something special in bamboo floors. If you’re considering what type of bamboo floor to install, why not try hand scraped? Below is some useful information.

How is it Made?

More work goes into creating hand scraped flooring than traditional bamboo flooring. The flooring is produced manually which entails as much as ten times more work. Master artisans scrape each bamboo piece individually using special scraping tools that yield a distinctive look. Through hand-crafting, beautiful and exotic-looking floors are produced.

Some manufacturers use machines to do the scraping in a bid to reduce labor costs. However, the final product reflects a uniform look, lacking the distinction of a hand scraped floor. Machine scraped floors cannot compare in beauty to the uniquely natural look that hand scraping achieves.

Once scraped, the floor can be installed unfinished or can be finished after installation. Finishing can be accomplished through varnishing, staining or sealing which completes the unique effect achieved through scraping. Finishing is a good option as it adds to the durability of the floor.

Benefits of Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring

The aesthetic appeal of hand scraped bamboo flooring is high. Hand-crafting produces naturally beautiful floor pieces that clearly reflect the time, effort and labor entailed. This makes the floor all the more cherish-able. The uniquely produced floor is a special feature that adds to your home value. The versatility of antique bamboo flooring gives homeowners greater flexibility in home design. It can blend with various architectural designs, ranging from old-world to contemporary. The floor also blends easily with a wide range of indoor décors. Whatever sort of décor you may want to achieve, the warm and natural feel the floor gives is sure to enhance indoor ambiance.

Antique flooring is highly durable and resilient. The unique way in which it is produced adds to its longevity. The high durability makes it suitable for use in high traffic areas. It does not show wear and tear effects easily. Unlike some bamboo floor types that easily develop scratches, hand scraped flooring will hardly show scratching due to the technique used to produce it. This is helpful in maintaining the attractive appearance of the floor.

Cost Factor

Hand scraped hardwood floors usually cost more than other floor types. This is partly because of the workmanship involved. The amount of time, effort and skill that goes into creating the floor is clearly reflected in the final pricing. While the price may appear prohibitive, the unique beauty of hand scraped floors is well worth the price. Besides, the floor is highly durable, designed to last tens of years. It also increases the resale value of your home.