Hand Shower Slide Bar Benefits

A shower.

A hand shower slide bar is an easy way to make your shower adjustable for people of varying heights. Here are some benefits to installing a handheld shower slide bar.

Adjustable Heights

Shower slide bars can be installed in a variety of configurations. Not only can the slide bar be installed in a vertical alignment, but it can also be installed horizontally, and diagonally. With each configuration, the slide bar hand shower can be adjusted so that the water will hit muscles in just the right spot for the maximum muscle heat penetration.

Multiple Hand Shower Heads

In some cases, slide bar hand showers can have multiple shower heads installed. With a slide shower bar, having multiple shower heads means that one shower head can be placed to hit the back of the neck and another at the lower back where muscles are often tight and in need of relaxing shower massage.

Disabled Individuals

One of the greatest benefits of using hand shower slide bar systems is that they can make taking a shower tremendously easier for individuals with mobility problems. For people who are wheelchair-bound or who have difficulty standing, a hand shower slide bar system can allow the showerhead to be adjusted to a height where they can comfortably take a shower without needing to stand. Additionally, they hand use the handheld shower to easily wash their hair or have the added benefit of massaging muscles with warm heated water.

For individuals who are unable to leave their wheelchair, using a hand shower slide bar can make taking a shower easier for them and their attendant. Individuals can be wheeled under the spray of the water and the shower head adjusted to a height that makes the water comfortably reach their head and body.

Most hand shower slide bars also meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to create a safe and secure bath and shower system in apartments, homes, and group living environments for disabled and elderly residents.

Temporary Solutions

For bathtubs that do not have an existing showerhead installed, a hand shower slide bar can be installed as a temporary means of solving this problem. A sturdy slide bar can easily be installed on the existing surround with strong suction cups and having a hand showerhead allows the shower to be used comfortably and easily.

A slide bar hand shower can have multiple benefits. Installing a hand shower slide bar can be a wonderful solution to the needs of multiple individuals who use the same shower.