Handmade Personalized Coasters

Making personalized coasters is a crafts project that anyone can do. It’s great for children’s playgroups, for special occasion gifts and just to make your house feel more personal. This project can be completed fairly inexpensively, so you can make yourself a set, make some for friend, or make them for other uses, such as for ornaments or other decorative products.

Tools and Materials

  • Lids
  • Air drying clay
  • Crafts materials like jewels and writing utensils
  • Craft paper
  • Paint
  • Felt

Step 1: Preparation

Personalized coasters can be made out of all sorts of materials. An easy method of creating your coaster is to use plastic lids from common groceries as molds for clay. Lids from small containers of margarine, cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream are a great size for coasters. You probably have a few of these lids in your fridge right now. To prepare the lids, simply clean then, to be sure they are free of any film or food, and then allow them to dry.

Step 2: Shape Your Clay

After your lids have dried completely, it is time to make your shapes. To do this, lay the lids so that the rims face up. Use air drying clay to fill the inverted lids. Then using a rolling pin smooth the clay so the lids are evenly filled. By rolling over the lids, the excess clay will be cut off easily.

Step 3: Personalize

You can personalize these coasters in any way you like. Stamps can be used to imprint patterns, push gems or rocks into them to create a mosaic look, you can write on them with toothpicks or other objects. You could even use a cookie cutter to punch a hole in the middle in a fun shape, like a star or Christmas tree. Once you’ve given your personalized coasters your special flare, let them dry.

Step 4: Painting

Once the personalized coasters are completely dry, paint them, using acrylic paint. Using other types of paint will make the coasters purely decorative, as they will not hold up to water. You can also use a clear coat, they even have spray version, to keep the coaster from being damaged by water.

Step 5: An Alternative Way to Personalize

At this point you can also use craft paper and pictures to make personalized coasters. You simply pick your paper or picture, cut it to fit your coaster, apply a clear drying craft glue to the coaster with a sponge brush, apply your graphic, let dry, then apply a second coat, to seal the paper onto your coaster. With this option you can literally go wild at your local craft store and pick any kind of craft paper you like.

Step 6: Add Your No-Slip Felt

Once you’ve created the personalized coasters that suit your taste, it is time to make them more functional. Cut pieces of felt slightly smaller than your coasters and glue to the underside. Let your creations dry, and then they are ready to go. It’s so simple to make personalize coasters that you can create a set for every season or holiday.