Handy Duct Tape Uses Around the House

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There are many duct tape uses around the house. It can be used to fix many items in the home and yard. Here are a few common applications for this wonder product.

Vacuum Hose Repair

When the vacuum hose is cracked or leaks, place duct tape on the damaged spot and wrap it round the hose.

Photograph Frame Repair

If the foldout leg on the frame has torn away from the frame’s back, secure the leg with duct tape. It will stand up again.

Repair Shower Curtain

When the shower curtain tears away from the rings, apply duct tape along the edge. Make new holes with a paper hole punch.

Fix Vacuum Bags

When a hole tears in the vacuum bag, place duct tape over it.

Fix Car Window

When car window is cracked, put duct tape over it for a temporary repair. If the window if almost shattered, placing duct tape over the whole window will keep the glass in place until it is replaced.

Fix Beach Chairs

Substitute duct tape for broken or frayed webbing on an aluminum beach chair.

These creative uses of duct tape just scratch the surface. The uses of duct tape are practically endless.