How to Hang an Oval Bathroom Mirror

An oval bathroom mirror is a great option for your bathroom. It adds a decorative element to the room, but it won't interfere with the other decor. If you would like to hang an oval mirror in your bathroom, follow the steps below and to have it installed in no time.

Step 1 - Check for Eye Screws

Make sure that there are 2 eye screws on the back of the new mirror. If the mirror did not come them attached, purchase and install them yourself. Place them 1/3 of the way from the top.

Step 2 - Attach the Wire

Have the correct mirror wire for the weight of your new mirror. Once you have checked the wire, attach it to the mirror by wrapping it through an eye screw, then knot it. Leave enough slack to allow it to bow a little. Repeat this process for the other eye screw.

Step 3 - Mark the Wall

To ensure even placement of the mirror, mark the place you'd like the center of the mirror to be with a pencil. Use your stud finder and place the mounting screw in the marked spot. If you there isn't a stud in the place you marked, use a wall anchor to prevent damage to the wall.

Step 4 - Hang the Mirror

Once you've installed the mounting screw, hang your mirror. Adjust the mirror as necessary to ensure that it's centered properly.