How to Make a Christmas Coat Hanger Wreath How to Make a Christmas Coat Hanger Wreath

A simple wire coat hanger is the basis for this wreath. It can be plain wire or plastic coated in red or green. Simply bend the coat hanger into a circular shape, leaving the hook at the top for hanging. If the hanger is plain wire, paint the hook gold.

The quickest way to decorate your coat hanger wreath is with Christmas tree tinsel. The very thick metallic ropes of tinsel are ideal to use as they give good coverage. Choose colors to match your house, or the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Gold and silver also look fabulous.

Firmly tape the end of a rope of tinsel to the base of the hook and wind it round the coat hanger ring. When you get back to the hook, tape it in place. Now repeat with a contrasting color. Your coat hanger wreath should be well covered by now, but if you want it more lush, add another rope of tinsel.

Make a centrepiece for the wreath by hanging a glittery star or other bright ornament from the hook so that it hangs down in the center of the wreath. Tie a big bow round the hook with some red ribbon.

You can decorate the ring itself with clip on or wired on pieces of holly, and small Christmas tree baubles, such as glittery balls and fake parcels.

Buy, or print out on your computer, a small banner that says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. You can make your own in any graphics program. Try white text on a red background for a very festive look. Tape the banner across the wreath, and hang the wreath on your door by the hook.

Your coat hanger wreath can also be covered with fake silk ivy or holly from a florists or craft store. Buy or make strings of red beads to wind round the greenery for holly berries. Use a pine cone painted gold or silver as a centrepiece.

Coat hangers can also make an old fashioned kissing ring to hang in a doorway in your house. You will need two coat hangers, bent into rings and fitted together to form a globe. Cover the rings with tinsel as before, and hang some mistletoe in the center. Decorate with red ribbons and cut out paper hearts.

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