Hanging a Ceiling Fan Base

When installing a ceiling fan, mounting the base of the ceiling fan is an important step in the installation process. The mounting bracket is so important because it is what holds the fan on the ceiling. If you don't properly install the mounting bracket, the fan may wobble or make a lot of noise. However, properly installing this part of the ceiling fan is not difficult to achieve.

Step 1 – Bracket

The first thing you have to do is figure out what type of bracket you have for mounting the fan. A new ceiling fan usually comes with a bracket that is either a J-hook or half circle bracket.

Step 2 - Installing the Bracket

Set the bracket so that the screw holes line up with the holes in the fan base. Don't worry about drilling new holes for the fan mounting bracket. If you have a J hook bracket, place it so that the hook is pointed towards the floor and can support the motor wiring while you do the installation.
Next, use mounting screws of the appropriate length as well as lock washers to attach the bracket to the fan box.  

Step 3 - Thread the Wires

Thread the wires through the middle hole of the bracket so that they move in a straight line from the ceiling. Make sure you screw the bracket tightly so that it stays secure and doesn't move, but make sure you don't tighten the screws too much. When screws are too tight, the screw thread may become stripped and you will have to replace the entire fan box to fix them.  

Before mounting the fan base to the ceiling, check that the mounting screws are long enough to reach all the way through the bracket and the fan box so that the bracket is held tightly in place. If you don't have matching screws that are long enough, or you don't screw them in tightly enough, the ceiling fan can become dangerous because it may start to shake and could fall to the ground.  

The step of mounting the bracket to the ceiling is important because of safety issues. An improperly mounted bracket could lead to problems, such as an unstable ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan that wobbles while in use could become damaged over time, and even fall out of the ceiling. Imagine a moving ceiling fan, with sharp blades, tumbling down to the ground on top of someone you love. This is why it's so important to properly install a ceiling fan before usage.  

If you are unsure about the installation process, hire a professional to do it.  It's not worth it to put your family and friends in danger. Of course, as long as you follow the steps outlined in this article, installing a ceiling fan base properly does not require a great amount of skill.
The most important thing is to be mindful during the installation process and ensure everything is done appropriately.