Hanging a Hammock in a Corner

What You'll Need
Mounting hooks
Tape measure
Drill with bit

When we think of a hammock, our minds are usually drawn to an exotic image of a piece of canvass dangling away between two trees on a balmy desert island. Hammocks actually come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and can be hung just about anywhere. This article demonstrates the best way to hang a hammock in the corner.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Location

The first thing you will need to do is decide where the hammock is going to hang. An unobstructed corner is ideal particularly if this area is susceptible to large amounts of traffic or activity.

Once you have chosen a corner, measure two equal distances from the corner itself and mark them off on each individual wall. These should be distances of several feet from the corner and will be largely determined by the size of your hammock and it is best to hold the hammock up at the points marked off on the wall before proceeding further to make sure it is going to be placed in the correct position.

Your hammock may have three hooks. If this is the case,measure down from the ceiling to the same point in the corner and mark the spot with a pencil.

Step 2: Double Check

Take your hammock and check the distance between the holes for a final time. Make sure they are the right distance apart and keep in mind that when you lay in it, the hammock will fall downward because of the added weight. If the holes are too far apart, the hammock will be too tight and difficult to mount. If the holes are too close together, the hammock will sag too far down.

Step 3: Drilling

Drill the holes according to the marks you have made with your pencil. Check to make sure that your drill bit is the correct size for your mounting hooks. If the hole is too small, the hooks will not fit in. If they are too wide, the hooks will not support the hammock or the person it is holding. This could also cause damage to the walls if the hooks are pulled out.

Step 4: Twist

Insert the mounting hooks. There should be a removable collar on each one that must be inserted into the wall first. Twist the hooks into the collars firmly and make sure they feel secure. The addition of weight to the hammock when lying in it should not cause any problems as long as the holes for the hooks and collars are suitable.

If you feel that the mounting screws are not sufficiently secure, you may wish to try anchor screws. If the hanging hammock is part of a kit, there will usually be instructions to help in fitting it securely. The hammock kits will also recommend weight limits. Read these carefully before installing.

Step 5: Hang the Hammock

Hang the hammock onto the hooks according to how many loops you have on the ropes. Make sure that you test the hammock out before climbing in. Give it a few good tugs before you jump in and if anything feels loose, tighten thoroughly.

Step 6: Climb Inside!

Climb into it slowly and see how it feels. If it is hanging too low or too high with you inside, you might be able to make some adjustments with the ropes instead of having to drill new holes for the mounting hooks. If the instructions have been followed correctly, everything should be fine and you can relax and enjoy your new corner hammock!